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When it involves professional insulation construction services of West Michigan, there is only one name to remember: Grand Rapids Insulation.  

Whether you want to insulate your attic, walls, cellar, or something in between, you can count on our team of professionals to be there for you and be the first and last insulation company you call. We take pride providing the #1 spray foam insulation Michigan residents can depend on for all types of structures.

Regardless of your insulation requirements, we have a range of solutions and products to solve and resolve any of your needs. We have the best insulation contractors Grand Rapids MI residents can ask for, who can install insulation in your house’s wall space and attic – and have the knowledge and skills for insulating all different kinds of buildings and homes. We can install:

Spray foam

Typically made from polyurethane, spray foam is used damp and expands into the heavy foam. Spray foam insulation could be installed in hard-to-reach areas and cracks and can help decrease air infiltration.

Blown-in insulation

A flexible option, the blown-in insulating material is ideal for packing even the littlest cracks for enhanced winter protection and sound insulation.


Fiberglass that has long been employed to insulate houses for years can be purchased as batts/rolls or loose-fill. Fiberglass is created out of small glass fibers, and it is frequently installed in attics but can use to insulate other areas.

Radiant barrier

This reflective insulation helps maintain your home cooler and relaxed and helps you save on your power bills.

Insulation is a crucial asset for any building or home because it can help:

Give us a call and we can talk about your insulation needs.

Grand Rapids Basement Waterproofing

Your basement might not be loaded with water, but it doesn’t mean that it is waterproof. Water can be accumulating in places you do not recognize and weakening the foundation your house relies on. The longer these issues continue, the more consequential they become. Water can seep into any location where it can, and without appropriate waterproofing, cracks, small openings, and leaks can cause significant issues.

With our service for basement waterproofing Grand Rapids clients get solutions that are intended to help mitigate these consequences. It is better to get these waterproofing difficulties sorted out before they become a more significant problem. 

With a rainy spring and summertime on the way, it is better to have these basement issues solved right now. For basement waterproofing Grand Rapids residents rely on our professionals because we have technical understanding and the experience to help avoid basement flooding.

We have an extensive list of waterproofing offerings to clients in Grand Rapids. Using our trained insulation contractors Michigan homeowners can trust us to diagnose your issue, fix it thoroughly, and ensure the maintenance lasts as long as you live in the house. Our waterproofing contractors face many problems, and they completed it all.

At Grand Rapids Insulation, we get great satisfaction by offering complete basement waterproofing solutions. We have established a successful business centered around dedicated customers and quality artistry service because we understand the value of keeping your home safe and waterproof. 

Flooding can be a significant problem and have very long-lasting structural and health consequences. So contact us now to get our Grand Rapids basement waterproofing services today.

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insulation contractors grand rapids mi

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insulation grand rapids mi

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Michigan

When looking for the best spray foam Michigan has to offer, our insulation installers, you need to find the businesses with a volume of expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness. Grand Rapids Insulation is one of the industry’s most trusted names with skilled and knowledgeable insulation contractors right here in Grand rapids. 

We use the best spray foam insulation contractors. We are experts in spray foam for all kinds of structures, agricultural and commercial, including residential, industrial, and metal frames. We have installed millions of feet of spray foam insulation, creating an excellent reputation for consistency, superior knowledge, and integrity of building science and energy-efficient design.

We are the insulation Contractors Michigan residents depend on, and can install spray foam insulation in:

Here are several benefits of spray foam insulation:

The best Spray foam Michigan has to offer is insulation installed by an experienced professional – somebody skilled and trained in the proper setup, safety precautions and has the necessary tools to combine and use the product. Thankfully our spray foam insulation contractors Michigan residents trust, have it all. We are the experts you trust, and you can be confident that we will do the job right the first time.

Our skillset as builders stretch far, hence we are always looking for innovative approaches to new construction and remodels projects. We work with several  different construction divisions to get a full understanding of each construction process. If you are seeking renovations in the state of Kentucky reach out to our kitchen remodeling Louisville KY team for any bath and/or kitchen task. We are looking forward to working with you. 

What Our Clients Say

Spray Foam Insulation Michigan

Insulation is ranked based on how much heat flow reduction you have between the interior and exterior of the wall’s framework. The application of higher R-value insulation, for example, spray foam, gives a high R-value and an air seal with a lot less thickness than fiberglass batt cellulose or insulation Grand Rapids MI.

Having a reliable spray foam insulation Michigan home and business owners are confident in is what we are known for. The most effective and most complex insulating material available for your house. It protects your household from air-borne dangers, often lasts for the lifetime of the structure, and saves you money in several ways.

As a result of the expanding nature of the spray foam insulation program, your house will be sealed against dangerous pollutants, mildews or molds, and possibly air-borne allergens.

This particular seal is crucial to isolating and containing your inner climate, increasing system effectiveness, and lowering costs. The SPF insulation Grand Rapids MI location is a business that can help you save money on expensive power bills, decrease the risks of mold and mildew intrusion, and develop a thermal shield seal at customer friendly rates. 

Our products reduce the chance of build-up and moisture entry, which means you will spend less cash on costly mold and mildew removal and fix and invest more time enjoying your home.

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